AMUSE PM&I Services

Property Management 

AMUSE offers property management services throughout and around the DC metropolitan area. Services include:

  • Advertising
  • Tenant Screening
  • Property Maintenance
  • Managing Budget
  • Collecting Rent

Real Estate Purchase

AMUSE will purchase any property in any condition or situation. Services include; 

  • Purchase, Renovate, Sell (PRS) or PRR Purchase, Renovate, Rent (PRR) program - properties that need work, abandon, vacant, or distressed.
  • Cash for Home programs consist of two programs for homeowners wishing to stop foreclosure or auction procedures:
  • Load and Go program - homeowners who are in financial trouble that desire to sell their property with no further financial obligation.
  • Buyback program - homeowners who are in financial trouble and who would like to remain in their homes. 

Real Estate Sales

All properties purchased by AMUSE Property Management & Investment, LLC has the potential to be sold. 

  • If rented, properties will be renovated and rented out at market value or higher.
  • For sale, properties will be sold to the highest offer.